Two skilled kickboxers go at it in front of high school crowd

Sunday, June 21, 2020

It looks like this fight may have gone down in Hawaii – and it’s not your average fight.

Both of these guys seem to be well-trained and both have great respect for each other, but this is still a pretty dangerous situation. Hitting your head on the pavement from a knockdown can not only take you out of the fight, but out of life. Good thing that didn’t happen here.

The fight starts with mutual respect where both guys shake hands. They both get right to work. No shouting or screaming, no outside people getting involved, and a handshake at the end.

If I had to guess, the guy in the blue shirt has more of a boxing background as he kept eating leg kicks by having too much weight on his front leg, but I could be wrong about his background.

how would you score this match up?

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