Trained martial artist vs. two crazy road ragers and a BAT

Monday, August 19, 2019

Fighting in the street is something that should be avoided at all costs. Even among trained martial artists, the risk is far too great.

There are no rules on the street and it is very common for a one on one street altercation to escalate into multiple opponents or even weapons being pulled out which is extremely dangerous.

In the following video of a crazy road rage incident involving a trained martial artist, we see an example of how quickly a street altercation can escalate on both of those fronts.

Though the trained martial artist is able to deal with the situation in highly impressive fashion, it could have ended a lot worse for him and you’ve got to think to escape the situation would have been the best move.

Nevertheless, that’s not what this guy decided to do in this road rage incident broken down by the Gracie Breakdown.

The conflict starts when the driver in another vehicle starts hitting the alleged martial artist’s car with a baseball bat. Now a baseball bat is potentially a deadly weapon so getting out of your car is never a good idea when someone has a weapon and you don’t.

The alleged martial artist goes right at his baseball wielding foe but waits for him to swing before fully closing the distance. As commentator Rener Gracie points out, he uses perfect distance management but still, it is very risky and damage to your car isn’t worth risking your life.

The martial artist drops the guy with the baseball bat with a single punch, knocking him out cold. This hints at a background in striking arts but how he deals with the next guy makes it seem like he knows how to grapple too.

A buddy of the guy with the baseball bat then gets out of the car and tries to take the martial artist down to the ground. The martial artist is able to reverse the attempt though and ends up getting his back where he chokes him out then quickly gets out of there.

Though the martial artist was able to deal with both attackers here like previously mentioned it could have ended very badly for him and the better move would have been avoiding it altogether.