This might be the UGLIEST gun defense demo ever – but does it work?

Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Oftentimes in self-defense training, it is not the fancy, extravagant moves that are actually going to be effective in a real-life situation. A lot of the time, it is the moves and principles that may not be so pretty that are the ones which are actually going to work in real life.

Like former Law Enforcement Officer, Sal Mascoli points out in this video; real-life violence is ugly and frantic and not controlled like it usually seems in many martial arts demonstrations and self-defense classes.

Sal’s strategy against a gun is just a no-nonsense as he is and it involves keeping your attacker’s gun as close to you as possible, which may seem counter-intuitive, but as long as it’s pointed away from you, according to Sal, you have an advantage.

From there you look to rip it away from your attacker to disarm them. You can also look to use your head to butt your attacker with, always making sure the gun is pointed AWAY from you at all times.

But what if the attacker also tries punching you when you’re locked up like that? Sal goes over that too in the video and even gets his partner to try to strike him to show how to defend against it.

While getting punched is certainly not ideal here, against a gun-toting attacker, your attention should mainly be focused on the firearm and either gaining control of it or escaping to safety.

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