Wardrobe malfunction in Judo class brings the laughs

Friday, May 01, 2020

Naked & Funny is a toplessness prank reality TV series, featuring hidden camera sketches. It lasted one season of 30 episodes, comprised of over 100 skits, in 2008. Much of the content centered on a victim removing clothing in front of unsuspecting onlookers. Episodes aired internationally in some 40 countries, including on Germany’s Comedy Central.

The content covers a huge variety of situations including the gym, bowling alley, retail establishments, tennis courts, and outdoors, as well as on the mats.

Ukraine has some strong Judo players, most notably 2006 world champion Georgii Zantaraia. Thus it is no surprise that Judo made an appearance on the series.

Several actresses appeared in the series, using a variety of hair styles and colors, including Lidiya ‘Lida’ Krasnoruzheva, Olga Pavlenko and, below, Alina Buryachenko.

Doubts have been raised as to whether the individuals purportedly being pranked are genuinely innocent spectators, or whether they are in on the act. The signs are usually in English, presumably in order to facilitate international episodes, which would no doubt appear odd to a native Ukrainian. More telling, however, there are multiple cameras that appear to focus on the victim. These cameras move, and thus in all likelihood could not be hidden.

If you like hidden camera videos with a twist, you’ll be absolutely mad for Naked and Funny! These pranks catch people in the street, in restaurants, in movie theaters, and anywhere imaginable.

Via GagsNetwork