When you THINK you know martial arts and you have road rage…

Sunday, December 09, 2018

While we don’t see the incident that led to the showdown we can take a few lessons from what followed.

The instigator of violence is obviously aggrieved about something and his fiery Latin blood boils over. The Spanish town of Malaga is better known for being a desirable seaside tourist destination but on this occasion, the afternoon traffic was the catalyst for a heated exchange.

The man in the white shirt who instigates the fight initially backs off as the driver exits his vehicle and squares up to fight. The driver is in an orthodox boxing stance, bouncing around before he takes off his sunglasses and appears to want to get back into his car. Sensing an opening the man in the white pounces forward and delivers a weak looking teep kick. This is answered with a wild right cross that misses. The guy in the white shirt then decides to throw a spinning kick into thin air, this would have been a good moment for the two to return to their cars and get on with the rest of their day.

Instead, the pair then exchanges leg kicks until the driver catches one and trips his opponent. Once his opponent is down the driver drags him around while throwing punches and kicks. The lady who is filming has seen enough and decides to get out of her car to go break up the fight.

Neither of the combatants landed anything meaningful and ultimately, what should have been an angry rant escalated into a farce. The driver appeared to want out of the fight on more than one occasion but every time he backed up the aggressor pressed forward. In retrospect, he may wish that he had taken one of those opportunities to walk away rather than getting embarrassed and having to be saved by others.