Wing Chun vs. Pencak Silat national champion – you know you have to watch it

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Wing Chun is a concept-based martial art originating in China which focuses on striking but has some grappling elements to it. Wing Chun is often confused with Kung Fu which is a term for all Chinese martial arts.

Similar to Kung Fu, Pencak Silat is an umbrella term incorporating a variety of martial arts from Indonesia and is pretty well-rounded as far as traditional martial arts are concerned – with a variety of striking, grappling, and weapons techniques.

According to the description of this video “A national champion of Pencak Silat came to Saigon to have a friendly exchange with Pierre Francois Flores after his defeat with master Tuan. Due to the rumors around this fight in Hanoi of cheating by using unclean ways, he wanted to check of Flores’ level and confirm the rumors. ”

Now, it is unclear at first who represents which style in this video as eastern martial arts share many similar characteristics such as circular movements and flashy kicking techniques. After some sleuthing it is discovered that the bald man is Pierre Francois Flores, the Wing Chun stylist, who is taking on the Pencak Silat practitioner in this friendly but competitive sparring match.

Both men utilize the open-handed defensive stance often seen in eastern martial arts. Both their styles appear to be effective as they are able to deflect the majority of each other’s attacks. The most significant strike of the contest in landed shortly after the one-minute mark by the Wing Chun practitioner; a spinning back kick to the body, a powerful strike often seen in mixed martial arts competition.

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