Clueless MMA referee makes same mistake 3 times in a row

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Being a referee in MMA is a tough, thankless job. Even the greats like Big John McCarthy and Herb Dean have made mistakes.  However, the ref in this video should maybe switch to soccer or little league.

The losing fighter, Mark Vorgeas, is clearly unconscious and his opponent, Chad George (class act by the way), tells the clueless ref that he’s out and he says three times “No he’s not.”

“YES HE IS! HE’S OUT!” the fighter emphatically exclaims before finally the ref realizes his mistake and calls the fight. Vorgeas was choked out with a sneaky shoulder choke called ‘the Von Flue choke’ which is named after Jason Von Flue who famously choked out Alex Karalexis with it on a UFC card.

Everybody in this situation is just lucky the winning fighter (Chad George) is a nice guy and class act. The losing fighter, Vorgeas, was clearly in la-la land and the ref failed to do his job to protect the fighter so the guy he was fighting had to take over and look out for his safety. Many fighters would not be so kind or even aware and would not hesitate to blast their unconscious opponent even more if a bad ref allowed them to do so.

Commentator Jimmy Smith is equally shocked and appalled at this lack of display for fighter safety; “I have never in my MMA career, in any capacity seen that before. His eyes (are) in the back of his head. (He) Actually won an argument with a referee, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen that before.”

“I think he went out,” Smith continues, “as he was slipping out of the submission so man pure, pure sportsmanship by Chad George, he didn’t throw a single punch. (He) Would rather argue with the referee than throw a punch at a guy he believes is out. Citizenship award to that guy.”