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Guy brings a knife to a gunfight, calls for his mother

An off duty police officer is yelled at, escalates the situation, and then things get totally out of hand.

The video begins with the passenger in a stopped automobile quickly getting out a cell phone to record what is transpiring. The vehicle's driver is standing outside the car, as an irate man in a tank top approaches, stops about 20' away, and yells that the driver had "blazed" through a stop sign, and that there were kids in the neighborhood.

At this point a rational person, whether they had blazed through a stop sign, rolled through a stop sign, or even stopped at the stop sign, would try to de-escalate to some degree.

Instead, the driver, let's call him Joe Friday, denies blazing through the stop sign, condescendingly asks Tank Top if he's a police officer, and upon hearing that he's not, tells him to mind his own business. Unsurprisingly, this serves to further anger Tank, who curses at Joe, who curses back and flips him off. At this point, it's a symposium on how to escalate.

Tank is walking away while woofing - shouting threats. "I've got something for you, I'll stick it up your mother f@$%ing ass," he yells, while retreating.

"Oh yah? C'mon," says Joe, as he steps towards Tank. Tank then moves towards Joe and pulls a knife. With a highly-practiced reaction time, Joe pulls a handgun from his concealed holster, and advances, saying "Get on the f@$%ing ground honey call 911 GET ON THE GROUND."

Meanwhile, Tank is back pedalling while repeating, "nope nope nope nope."

Joe's Honey, who is using her phone to record what was transpiring, asks someone off-camera if they can call 911. Meanwhile, Joe is shouting at the top of his lungs for Tank to get down on the ground, at gunpoint, and is eventually successful.

At this point, Joe Friday is standing with his handgun pointed directly at Tank, who is on his knees, hands clasped behind his head. 

"WHO THE F@$% DO YOU THINK YOU ARE??!?" Joe screams in a rage.

Tank argues back, "I am telling you, there's kids around here mother f@$%er."

"DON'T PULL A F@$%ING KNIFE ON ME," yells Joe in response.

The two continue to argue over who was at fault. Then Tank calls for his mother, who appears, along with his wife. The pair step bravely and determinedly into the line of fire. Tank's mom walks straight up to Joe, forcing him to lower his weapon.

The wife drags Tank up and away as the mother advocates for her son, while Joe Friday continues to yell that a knife was pulled on him. At this point, he has pulled a badge indicating he is a police officer.

Friday goes off in pursuit of Tank, with his handgun out, telling the mother that he is with the New York Police Department, and notes that they are in Rockland County. The county is part of the New York City metropolitan statistical area.

Mercifully, Tank's wife brings some order, via a calm, rational demeanor. Joe says he was driving, was yelled at, and turned his car around to ask Tank what his f@$%ing problem was. Then Friday goes off to retrieve the knife. 

Tank's mother asks rhetorically which will kill you faster a knife or a gun? Friday replies that the answer is a knife, and that she should have a nice day. The video closes with the man saying everything has been recorded.

This is it:


Who Do You Think Was At Fault?

There have also been questions about whether Joe really ran a stop sign. Applying Occam's Razor is instructive; which of these two explanations is simpler:
•A police officer who unequivocally shows poor judgment rolled through a stop sign.
•There's a guy in Rockland County who yells at people for running through stop signs when they haven't.

That said, the general consensus is that Tank unequivocally broke the law in pulling a knife during a verbal argument. However, there are arguments around the degree to which Joe bears responsibility for escalating rather than de-escalating the argument, while carrying a concealed firearm.