150lb sambo and wrestling expert vs. 550lb GIANT

150lb sambo and wrestling expert vs. 550lb GIANT
150lb sambo and wrestling expert vs. 550lb GIANT

Size versus skill is one of the oldest topics in martial arts and one of the most common reasons why people take up training. Can skill and correct technique overcome an opponent who relies on their size and strength? This concept was put on display in the early UFC’s as a 176lb Royce Gracie defeated much larger and stronger opponents with his family’s art of Brazilian Jiujitsu.

In the following video, we have a classic David versus Goliath style match up between a 150lb man trained in Sambo and Greco Roman Wrestling against an untrained man who weighs over 550 lbs, with the bout being contested under Sumo rules.

Will the smaller man be able to use his arsenal of techniques to get his much larger opponent out of the ring or will he find himself smothered by the sheer size.

Watch it unfold below.

550 untrained pounds vs. 150 trained pounds in Sambo and Greco Roman. Sumo rules. Fun stuff…:)

Posted by Martial Artist on Monday, January 16, 2017

Sumo wrestling is a competitive full-contact wrestling sport where a rikishi (wrestler) attempts to force another wrestler out of a circular ring (dohyō) or into touching the ground with anything other than the soles of his feet. The characters 相撲 literally mean “striking one another”.

The sport originated in Japan, the only country where it is practiced professionally. It is generally considered a gendai budō (a modern Japanese martial art), but this definition is misleading, as the sport has a history spanning many centuries. Many ancient traditions have been preserved in sumo, and even today the sport includes many ritual elements, such as the use of salt purification, from the days when sumo was used in the Shinto religion. Life as a wrestler is highly regimented, with rules regulated by the Japan Sumo Association. Most sumo wrestlers are required to live in communal sumo training stables, known in Japanese as heya, where all aspects of their daily lives—from meals to their manner of dress—are dictated by strict tradition. [Source: Wiki]

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