Giants Bob Sapp and Butterbean face off in Sumo match

It should be no surprise that the sport of Mixed Martial Artists has seen some of the largest and most physically imposing fighters throughout its storied history, ranging from the likes of Brock Lesnar, ‘Giant’ Silva, Hong Man Choi and Tim Sylvia just to name a few.

So what would happen if you took two massive heavyweight fighters but instead of fighting in mixed martial arts, pitted them against each other in the Sumo ring?

In the following video massive MMA and kickboxing veteran Bob ‘The Beast’ Sapp takes on fellow Boxing, Kickboxing and MMA veteran Eric Esch better known as ‘Butterbean’ in a Sumo match from the 2001 K-1 Sumo Tournament.

With almost 200 combined fights between the two spanning three combat sports, as well as over 700lbs of combined muscle and fat, which heavyweight veteran will reign supreme when push comes to shove in the Sumo arena?

Check out the full clip below.

Bob Sapp is an American professional wrestler, actor, and former American football player best known for his career as a kickboxer and mixed martial artist. He is currently under contract with Rizin Fighting Federation. Sapp has a combined fight record of 22–35–1, mostly fighting in Japan. He is well known in Japan, where he has appeared in numerous commercials, television programs, and various other media, and has released a music CD, Sapp Time. [Source: Wiki]

Eric Esch commonly referred to as Butterbean, is an American former professional boxer, kickboxer, mixed martial artist, and professional wrestler who competed in the heavyweight division. He is also a minor television personality, having appeared in several programs as well as the film Jackass. [Source: Wiki]

Author: Nic is a designer and illustrator alongside being a martial arts enthusiast. You can find some of his illustrative work for purchase here.

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