Watch Brock Lesnar destroy a Cadillac Street Fighter style

Things didn’t go entirely according to plan when WWE star Brock Lesnar destroyed a car ‘Street Fighter’ style on ‘Monday Night RAW.’

The 6ft 3”, 300lb+ former UFC heavyweight champion took on the role of a one-man wrecking crew as he trashed a $55,000 Cadillac CTS that had been gifted to Seth Rollins ‘J&J’security team.

The fans packed into the Allstate Arena in Rosewood, Illinois went wild as Lesnar produced two fire axes and began viciously attacking the car like he was trying to get the highest score in the famous car-wrecking bonus round from the ‘Street Fighter’ video game.

Such was the ferocity with which Lesnar struck the car that almost immediately one of the axes became firmly embedded in the front door of the vehicle.

Grabbing the second ax, Lesnar then went on to smash in several of the Cadillac’s windows and demolished the trunk beyond repair.

Leaving the second ax behind, Lesnar then showed off his raw power by easily ripping out one of the car doors and slamming it to the floor.

This is where things went awry, with Lesnar apparently not realizing his own strength as he picked up the door and hurled it off to the side.

The door went flying through the air further than he’d intended and struck a young fan in the lower section of the stands, knocking him off his feet.

The WWE’s cameras cut away before the impact, but mobile footage from other fans showed what had really happened.

Lesnar was oblivious to what had happened and instead proceeded to beat up the ‘J&J’ security team who attacked him afterward, including putting one of them in a kimura submission hold and then suplexing them onto what remained of their vehicle.

Luckily for Lesnar and the WWE, it later emerged that the fan had been attended to by paramedics backstage and was found to be well enough to return to his seat.