No-touch master challenges VERY skilled martial artist to punch him in the face

No-touch master challenges skilled martial artist to punch him in the face
No-touch master challenges skilled martial artist to punch him in the face

Alexander (Alex Lee) Litvinenko was a Ukraine-born martial artist and action film actor, director, and stuntman. He holds black belts in multiple martial arts and has competed in a variety of combat sports including kickboxing and Taekwondo.

He was invited to attend to take part in a seminar for No Touch martial arts. He attended with an open mind, without malice.

The No-touch master wanted Alex to experience the power of no-touch martial arts for himself. The pair kneeled facing each other. Then the master created an impenetrable chi ball between the pair and invited Alex to punch him.

There are only a few absolute rules in martial arts, but one of them – and it is inviolable – is that if a No Touch martial arts master invites you to punch his face, you punch his face.

Somehow, perhaps he had a toe lifted up, Alex’s punch landed. In response, the master responded by slapping him repeatedly, in the manner of a little sister who just had her favorite Barbie drawn on with a pen.

Then this happened.

Mixed martial arts is often mistakenly regarded as a set of techniques to control, strike, or submit against active resistance. However, to view MMA as a mix of specific effective strikes, pins, submissions, takedowns, etc is to miss the engine.

The heart of mixed martial arts is actually trying things, against active resistance. If you want to see if something works – try it.

The idea is as simple as wheels on luggage, but like wheels on luggage, no one thought about it until the 90s. But some people are still hefting suitcases through airports, and some people are still teaching martial arts techniques without ever trying it against active resistance.

The truly crazy, even scary thing is that the No-Touch master in all likelihood is still at it, teaching the same balderdash. The only difference now is he never asks anyone to actually try it.

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