Martial arts master’s chi-energy short circuits during RAZOR SHARP machete test

Martial arts master's chi-energy short circuits during RAZOR SHARP machete test...
Martial arts master’s chi-energy short circuits during RAZOR SHARP machete test…

From withstanding strikes from iron bars to ‘No touch knockouts’, Chi is one of the most famous and controversial topics in all the martial arts and with good reason.  Although several amazing inhumane feats have been attributed to the practice, some of the feats get so ridiculous many skeptical minds alike dismiss it as nothing but martial trickery.

In this instance, Cris Crudelli of Mind, Body & Kickass moves visited a martial artist in the Philippines to get a close-up demonstration of their version of Chi energy, which he claims will protect his body from the strikes of own blade.

As the Filipino martial artist goes through the motions, Cris is starting to buy into the claim as he comments on the balanced and powerful movements displayed. Once the ritual looks to be complete the man extends his left arm out and proceeds to hack at it with his own blade.

Unsurprisingly the blade created a very nasty cut going right to the bone requiring medical assistance.

“I’ve done this a dozen times but this is the first time this has happened,” he claimed which his arm was tended to. It was also the first time this filmed on camera.


Mind, Body & Kick Ass Moves is a television program that was broadcast on BBC Three in the United Kingdom. Presented by martial artist Chris Crudelli the documentary-style series follows his travels around the far east exploring different martial arts and learning the secret skills and knowledge of the ‘Grandmasters’. The series investigates aspects of each different martial art by filming the masters demonstrating their style and skills.

Each episode focuses on a mix of different martial arts and masters and shows Crudelli taking some martial arts and tricks to the streets, in a style similar to street magic.

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