Chechen fighter caught in HORRIBLE submission – doesn’t care – wins anyway

Chechen fighter caught in damaging submission – doesn’t care – wins anyway

How far would you be willing to go in order to taste victory? The fighter in the following footage sustained serious damage, but yet didn’t quit, and walked off with the win.

The fight starts as both fighters exchange hard leg kicks. The fighter in the red trunks nicely changes levels and hits a big, textbook double-leg takedown. And that’s where it gets gnarly…

The fighter in red shorts gains side control and goes for an armbar. His opponent pulls out but he now has a hold of his leg. He’s working very hard to get a kneebar submission. The more he keeps torquing on his opponent’s leg the uglier it gets. Most fighters would have probably tapped; the fighter in blue, though, just wasn’t done yet.

The sight of the fighter in blue’s leg getting torqued is, frankly, hard to watch. I’m still shaking my head, wondering why he didn’t tap. Instead of getting a way out, he actually starts to threaten his opponent with a rear-naked choke!

This is insane. The fighter in blue, who must be in excruciating pain, doesn’t give up and goes for a submission attempt of his own and… gets it! Managing not to tap when your leg is literally facing the wrong way is crazy; overcoming such a gruesome submission attempt and coming back to win decisively is even crazier.

The sport of mixed martial arts is rife with instances of fighters overcoming injuries or pain and eventually winning the fight. It’s part of the game after all. Sometimes, you have to grind your teeth, overcome adversity, and stay in the fight. This fighter, though, takes the cake. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything that crazy in MMA, despite having watched thousands of fights.

WARNING: Graphic content

The fighter in the blue trunks exhibited insane bravery and toughness. Just… watch it. You have to see it for yourself.

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