Guy pranks random people to box – runs into REAL boxer

Guy pranks random people on the street to box - regrets running into a REAL boxer
Guy pranks random people on the street to box – regrets running into a REAL boxer

The following is footage that could have been featured in one of Dave Chappelle’s ‘When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong’ sketches.

Pranksters on YouTube are willing to push people’s boundaries to the extreme it seems. It makes sense after all; these guys want to pile up that sweet, sweet YouTube money and what’s the fastest way to do that? Views. Loads of them.

It’s then not really surprising that those YouTube pranksters regularly go very far in terms of provocation in their videos. Surely you’ve stumbled upon them at least once. Usually, they involve a YouTuber trying to be as douchy and obnoxious as possible while recording said doucheness on tape. These guys want to elicit a reaction from people, no matter the price. Kind of like if Internet trolls learned how to work a camera if you will.

You might think that this kind of behavior is risky, and well, you would be right. But do you want to know what’s the crazy part about those YouTubers?

They CRAVE the risk. Think about it. What if someone is rubbed the wrong way by a prank so much that he/she decides to physically attack the prankster? The latter might get injured, but hey, that’s entertaining stuff for us, morbid-curious viewers, let’s be honest. And the prankster knows that. So eventually it gets YouTube pranksters more views, also known as the very thing they’re after the most.

The following YouTuber’s prank went like this: gear up like a boxer, throw a pair of boxing gloves at random strangers and ask them to fight him. Problem is, such prank might result in you getting your butt kicked.

Unfortunately for the prankster, he ran into a REAL, legit boxer. Take a watch below.

Well, he literally asked for it!