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MMA legend Fedor takes on Bob Sapp in crazy arm wrestling match

MMA legend Fedor Emelianenko vs Bob Sapp in arm wrestling match
MMA legend Fedor takes on Bob Sapp in arm wrestling match

MMA legend Fedor takes on Bob Sapp in arm wrestling match

Mixed martial arts legend Fedor Emelianenko once took on Bob Sapp. Yes, you heard that right. It was not under MMA rules, though...

A celebrity 17-man arm wrestling tournament featuring the likes of Fedor Emelianenko, Bob Sapp, Jérôme Le Banner, Kazushi Sakuraba, Alistair Overeem, and Mark Hunt (among others) was held in Japan (where else?). The semifinals featured an arm-wrestling bout between Fedor Emelianenko and Bob Sapp.

Fedor Emelianenko is arguably one of the pound-for-pound greatest mixed martial artists of all time. Fedor has accomplished amazing feats in the sport and has always been a fan-favorite; his resume speaks for itself. Nicknamed 'The Last Emperor', Fedor is the former PRIDE FC Heavyweight champion of the world and holds victories over five former UFC champs.

Bob Sapp is a former football player and MMA fighter who's participated in numerous 'freakshow' bouts in Japan, which made him a star over there. He is also freakishly big, and strong. It makes little doubt that Fedor would have most likely thoroughly defeated Sapp under MMA rules; in an arm-wrestling match though, that's another story...

Fedor was at a disadvantage from the get-go; it's clear that Sapp was the much, much bigger man. As strong as the Russian is, he still struggled against that behemoth of a man. Fedor held his own during the opening moments of the match but eventually folded under Sapp's pressure. Sapp went on to win the tournament, defeating 415-pound sumo wrestler Baruto in the finals.

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