Man attempts to take a gunshot to the groin to test protective cup

Man takes gunshot to groin to test protective cup – not smart!

In the sport of mixed martial arts, one of the worst things for fighters and fans is watching a fight end due to a foul. Whether intentional or unintentional, a fight that is ended by an illegal blow leaves everyone frustrated, disappointed with the outcome and feeling as if they were cheated out of a complete competition.

Even when a foul doesn’t end a fight, it often undeniably changes the course of the fight, leaving all parties involved to wonder what would have been if only the foul had never occurred.

One of the most common fouls to occur in MMA is the groin strike. Usually the result of an knee from the clinch or inside leg kick that lands too high, groin strikes are both painful to watch as well as a terrible way to alter the course of a fight.

Aside from fighters being more cautious and accurate with their knees and inside leg kicks, all that can really be done about groin strikes is the use of a protective cup that adequately shields the groin and is strong enough to absorb very powerful and precise shots.

While most sports equipment companies are satisfied with antiquated testing methods, Jeremiah Raber, the owner of Nutshellz, who claim to make the strongest protective cup in the world, took things about a million steps further by literally allowing someone to fire a gun at his testicles. The idea being that if the cup can protect the groin from a gunshot, it can certainly protect it from knees and kicks.

See the gloriously ballsy testing technique for yourself in the video below.

Jeff Warsaw is the former executive editor of Long Island MMA Magazine, professional combat sports public address announcer for several NY/NJ MMA and kickboxing promotions, and a proud one-stripe white belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu under the famed Joe D’Arce. He is currently a musician, coffee enthusiast and host of the Stranger In A Strange Land podcast on YouTube.