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WATCH: Fraud martial arts master gets exposed by a real fighter

Kiai master Yanagi Ryuken put up $5000 saying that no MMA fighter could beat him.

Kiai master Yanagi Ryuken threw down a $5000 challenge that no trained fighter could beat him in a fight. Unfortunately for this fraudster, his bank account is a bit lighter now.

In the video below we find Yanagi Ryuken, the self-described master of Qigong and other mysterious disciplines, as he comes face to face with real-world active resistance. Ryuken had spent decades practicing on compliant students and became so profoundly confident in his no-touch martial arts majesty, that he offered $5,000 to anyone that could withstand the debilitating power of his yell and hand wiggles.

His opponent, Iwakura Goh, appears to have trained in some variant of Kyokushin, a martial art that is the very definition of active resistance in striking. After it was over, Ryuken was out $5,000, bleeding, and stripped of the little honor he had left.

Watch as a fraud martial arts master gets clowned by a real deal fighter

[brid video="739098" player="25478" title="Notouch%20KO%20master%20puts%20up%20$5000%20to%20fight%20MMA%20fighter%20%20gets%20destroyed" duration="135" description="No-touch KO master, Yanagi Ryuken, put up $5000 saying that no MMA fighter could beat him." uploaddate="2021-03-12 06:01:57" thumbnailurl="" contenturl=""]

According to Ryuken, his system is based on Koryu jujutsu arts, with Aiki, Qigong, and other mysterious elements mixed together. In addition, he also claims to have won over 200 Vale Tudo (anything goes) fights, but nothing has been found on record so far.

Along with the footage being proof that nonsense has no defense for fists of fury, we also get to see that martial arts -- a world steeped in traditions and honor -- are not above having fraudsters looking to build a reputation on lies. However, unlike other industries and sports where falsehoods can lead to individuals becoming millionaires before the truth comes to light, in combat sports, it doesn't take long for bullsh*t to be exposed for all to see.