Russian soldier disarms kidnapper – finds out he made a huge mistake

Russian soldier disarms kidnapper – finds out he made a huge mistake

This swashbuckling Russian soldier showed tremendous bravery to tackle a thug who appeared to be taking a woman hostage at gunpoint in broad daylight, but he had no idea what he was actually getting himself into.

The dramatic incident unfolded on a street in Moscow, close to where the soldier was posted on guard duty.

What the soldier didn’t know was that the incident that was about to unfold on the street was in fact a scene for a Russian TV drama show called, ‘Survey’.

So, when he saw an actor named Pavel Priluchnyy holding a gun to the woman’s head and shouting at two other men to drop their weapons, his Army training kicked in and he sprang into action without a second thought for his own safety.

Leaving his security hut, the soldier cautiously approached the man and woman from behind and quickly looked around to make sure no one else was approaching.

The soldier then burst forward, grabbing hold of the kidnapper’s gun arm, dragging it away from the girl’s head and taking him down, then disarming him, all in one motion.

Before the situation spiraled completely out of control, other actors and members of the crew rushed over to assure the bemused soldier that this wasn’t a real hostage situation and that he’d in fact just ruined a perfectly good take!

After taking a few moments to process what was happening, the soldier sheepishly handed back the firearm and returned to his sentry post, presumably suffering from a large adrenaline dump.

His heroics didn’t go completely to waste though as the video clip would later go viral on YouTube and the soldier was praised by many watchers for his bravery.

”Not realizing that the gunman was only an actor doesn’t take anything away from the bravery involved – I would give him a medal anyway,” one person wrote on a Russian forum.

”Well done lad, not too many people have enough courage to fight a gunman,” said another.

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