Hollywood icon Sylvester Stallone knocks out UFC’s Chael Sonnen in ‘Grudge Match’

The time Sylvester Stallone knocked out Chael Sonnen in ‘Grudge Match’

Woops, turns out cinema legends Robert De Niro and Sylvester Stallone aren’t MMA fans!

In the following footage, UFC commentator Mike Goldberg asks both of them about their thoughts on mixed martial arts. Sylvester Stallone, despite being in an MMA venue, clearly disses MMA. Goldberg wants him to elaborate and asks him to compare MMA to boxing. Stallone’s response? ” To me, MMA is like pro-wrestling. ” Uh oh.

Well, turns out former UFC fighter and smack talk extraordinaire Chael Sonnen was NOT pleased with Stallone’s comments.

Sonnen, unsurprisingly, walks to both men’s faces and confronts them. He’s starting to threaten them. It’s no surprise that a former UFC fighter would defend MMA’s legitimacy, really. De Niro, a known badass, dares him to throw the first strike. Stallone joins in on the conversation, a gesture that really did not please Sonnen. The former UFC star is getting fed up. He let go of a rude “Shut up, old man!” and slaps Sylvester Stallone!

That is a ballsy gesture, but it came back to bite Sonnen in the ass.

The thing is, you can’t smack f**king Rambo and expect no consequences. The movie star doesn’t even flinch, and throws a big right hook that lands on Sonnen’s jaw! The latter falls to the ground. He’s just got son’d by Sylvester Stallone himself!

… Wait, did I mention none of this *really* happened?

You’ve probably guessed it, all of that is from a movie! Robert De Niro and Sylvester Stallone starred in ‘Grudge Match’, a 2013 sports comedy. The motion picture featured a plethora of stars, from LL Cool J to Kim Basinger, and, of course, Mike Goldberg and Chael Sonnen. The two movie stars starred as two aging boxers who decided to step into the ring for a final bout.

It is a nice and funny movie. Now, could Chael Sonnen take on Sylvester Stallone in a real fight? We may never know!

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