YouTube prankster learns a HARD lesson

YouTube prankster learns a HARD lesson

A YouTuber’s goal is obviously to generate the maximum amount of clicks, which eventually turn into sweet, sweet green bills. In order to do so most of them are willing to go really far in terms of pushing the boundaries.

It makes sense. It’s unlikely someone will watch some milquetoast prank with no particular appeal. On the other hand, a prank consisting of vehemently triggering people’s reactions will likely get a lot of viewers. Now, you can see how this little game could go south real quick…

This gentleman over at Simple Misfits decided to record a YouTube prank video. To do so, he strolled down Venice Beach’s most visited spot and casually asked people to kiss his ass. Yep. There’s no way such prank could backfire, right?

Wrong. People’s reactions ranged from laughing it off to asking what the f**k was wrong with that guy, a concern that is pretty understandable to be fair. Then the YouTube prankster ran into someone he’d have preferred not meeting…

The prankster walks up to two gentlemen chilling on the grass. He, of course, asks them if they want to kiss his ass. The two guys laugh it up at first but the situation turns awry pretty quickly because of the prankster’s insistence. The guy with the white t-shirt and the camo hat isn’t laughing anymore and asks the prankster to ‘back the f**k up’.

Which he doesn’t. It’s all fun and games until you catch a MONSTRUOUS right hand that sends you sleeping in LaLaLand, which totally happened to that guy. So, was it deserved? Have a look at the wild footage and decide for yourself.