7 things you didn’t know about Bruce Lee


His third student in America, Skip Ellsworth, along with LeRoy Garcia, taught Bruce how to shoot pistols, revolvers, rifles, and shotguns. And how to drive.

“I loaned Bruce one of my own guns, a very small ‘antique’ Colt .25 Caliber semi-automatic pistol with black handle-grips,” said Ellsworth. “He carried that piece for at least a couple of years.”

Lee’s friend and student Jesse Glover confirms that he was a crack shot. Lee related his belief in handguns during a 1968 interview on on the Pierre Berton Show in 1971.

“Nowadays you don’t go around on the street kicking people, punching people,” said Lee. “Because if you do (makes gun shape with hand), well that’s it — I don’t care how good you are.”

This scene from Enter the Dragon reflects his attitude towards firearms.

Lee purchasing two antique rifles in Rome, where he was filming “Way/Return of the Dragon”:
Bruce Lee

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