Top 10 fighters with famous look-alikes

Top 10 fighters with famous look-alikes

Interestingly enough, Joseph McInerney— Executive VP of the American Society of Human Genetics— explained that there is actually a scientific explanation as to why two people who aren’t related can look uncannily similar to each other: “Any two people taken at random are going to share about 99.5 percent of their gene sequence.”

It is said that everyone has a “twin” walking around somewhere out there. Here we’re breaking down 10 of the more uncanny look-alikes in the history of the fight game.

10) Rich Franklin – Jim Carrey

Another UFC fighter who looks a lot like a famed comedian is former UFC Middleweight Champion Rich Franklin— with his doppelganger being none other than the legendary Jim Carrey. Franklin has even been nicknamed “Ace” in the MMA community— named after Carrey’s recognizable character, Ace Ventura.

Rich Franklin - Jim Carrey

Rich Franklin – Jim Carrey

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