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How do You Know What Works?

Historically, trying to determine what combat sports and martial arts techniques were most effective was carried out largely by argument. The debut of mixed martial arts put to rest most of that, for all but the most credulous unfortunates, mercifully. The experience of martial arts in the arena has generated a large body of technique and effective methods. 

However, that's not the only way to learn what works, and what gets you injured or worse..

The rise of cell phone video and security camera footage has opened up a second means to determine the efficacy of any particular martial art, combat sport, or technique. Call it martial arts outside the arena. This can be roughly divided into several main categories:
Self Defense;
Mutual Combat;
Dojo Storm;
Stop Bullying;
Bullchido - the opposite of what works; and,

Bouncing is Reality

There is one field where the job entails getting as close as necessary to a great deal of fighting, and job is working as a bouncer, also known as a doorman, or in England as a door supervisor. A bouncer can work at nightclubs, bars, strip clubs, casinos, concerts, and sporting events, among others venues. Duties typically involve checking IDs and more relevant to this page, breaking up fights, and ejecting overly unruly patrons.

The experience of working as a doorman imparts useful skills, and watching bouncers at work offers a window into what really works. So check it out!