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Rational people focus on reality; unfortunately, in much of martial arts, the focus is on hocus pocus. In October of 1993, UFC 1 was held, and it began the greatest change in the practice of martial arts in generations.

The idea is as simple as wheels on luggage - if you pit exponents of different fighting styles against each other, you find out what works. After 30 years, there is now a massive body of techniques that are proven to work. You can categorize all that as martial arts in the arena.

However, the rise of cell phone video and security camera footage has opened up another means to determine what works. Call it martial arts outside the arena. This can be roughly divided into several main categories:
Self Defense;
Mutual Combat;
Dojo Storm;
Bullchido - the opposite of what works; and,
•STOP BULLYING: Use of force against bullying behavior that can range from Self-Defense, to Mutual Combat, to lesser degrees of initial force.