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Dojo Storm

How do You Know What Works?

Fighters and martial artists have engaged in competitions going into pre history; the oldest known representation of sport, dating to 2600 BCE, is a cast Bronze figurine found at Khafaji, Iraq is of two figures wrestling. This innate drive to compete reaches its peak in mixed martial arts, and has proven to be an excellent means to determine what works, and what does not. Call all that martial arts in the arena.

However, the rise of cell phone video and security camera footage has opened up a second means to determine the efficacy of any particular martial art, combat sport, or technique. Call it martial arts outside the arena. This can be roughly divided into several main categories:
Self Defense;
Mutual Combat;
Stop Bullying;
Bullchido (what doesn't work); and ...
Dojo Storm 

What is a Dojo Storm?

The advent of mixed martial arts has largely stemmed the practice, but Dojo Storming was a thing in martial arts for many generations. Called Dojoyaburi in Japanese, the practice of dojo storming has a history in the land of the rising sun extending back to ancient times, and is considered by some to be part of the samurai lifestyle. The Kodokan school of judo was intently involved with Dojoyaburi during its early years, and there were karate practitioners who engaged in it as well. 

When the Kodokan sent out representatives globally, one of them, Mitsuyo Maeda, carried that spirit to Brazil, where it was widely practiced by the Gracie family. When Rorion Gracie came to the United States, it didn’t stop, and the practice was the inspiration for the founding of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

There have also been great lows, the nadir of which happened in 1970. John Keehan, had ads in the back of every comic book at the time, offering, under the name of Count Dante, to share his deadly martial arts secrets. Keehan, a fellow black belt named Jim Koncevic, and three students stormed the Green Dragon Society’s Black Cobra Hall in Chicago. In the ensuing melee, Koncevic was killed with a traditional martial arts weapon. The incident lived on in infamy, as an example of what not to do.

As noted, there is now an organized sport to prove your approach works, and it’s called mixed martial arts, so the practice has largely died out, but here and there, it is still happening.