Felicia Spencer’s UFC future: “If they don’t want the featherweight division, then they don’t want Felicia Spencer.”

Feb 29, 2020; Norfolk, Virginia, USA; Felicia Spencer (red gloves) fights Zarah Fairn (blue gloves) during UFC Fight Night at Chartway Arena. Mandatory Credit: Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

The UFC cutting Megan Anderson has brought up a lot of questions on the Women’s Featherweight division. The weight class was controversial from its inception back in 2017.

The division was first created for Cris “Cyborg” Justino after it became obvious that the Brazilian could never make 145. Since then it’s turned into Amanda Nunes‘ second division and one known for not having anyone ranked aside from the champion.

Names like Anderson, Cyborg, and Nunes were all the targets when the weight class was added in. Then Felicia Spencer came in and beat Anderson to announce herself as an important member of the division, one that would go on to fight everyone and fight for the belt as well.

Rolling with the punches

Spencer’s time in the UFC has been confusing as she’s always been a win away from the title, she also operates in a weight class that doesn’t even have ten names to list on the website. This makes things confusing and stressful for some fighters but for Spencer? Not so much.

“I don’t really stress about it, to be honest,” Spencer told MyMMANews. “I know the position I’m in. I know the division’s landscape. I’ve really gotten good at not stressing over things that I can’t control. All I can do is control my performance and hope that they keep things around and build the division a little bit. If they don’t then that’s on them. It’s not really anything I can control.”

The topic of building the division has been something that has been brought up to practically every fighter that has fought there. There have been at least three actual featherweights that couldn’t drop down to bantamweight, the rest has all been bantamweight moving up for a quick title shot.

The division appears to be in big trouble with Anderson being cut. The Australian was a natural 145er and one of the names the UFC was hoping to bring in once they had signed Justino.

There are still fights to be made for Felicia Spencer… for now

Now there is only one fighter booked at featherweight as Spencer takes on 1-0 prospect Danyelle Wolf. Many have considered it the last fight to take place at the weight class with the UFC set to head in a different direction.

It’s important for fighters to focus on what they can control as Spencer noted earlier. However, it doesn’t change the fact that there are some concerns on whether or not the UFC will choose to scrap the division and cut the remaining athletes who wish to only compete at 145.

“It’s definitely something that’s crossed my mind,” Spencer said when asked about the UFC erasing the weight class. “It’s been brought up for a couple of years. Even coming into the UFC. So it’s just something that I’ll have to decide when I get to that point.”

Featherweight or Bantamweight?

The tricky part now is figuring out if the remaining featherweights will be cut or if they will be asked to drop down to 135. For some fighters dropping down will be no issue as they are small for the weight class, others will be forced to look elsewhere.

One thing is for sure though, for Spencer, she’s a true 145er which means making 135 isn’t exactly a walk in the park. So don’t expect to see her drop down to bantamweight anytime soon.

I don’t foresee changing weight class,” Spencer said. “So if they don’t want the featherweight division, then they don’t want Felicia Spencer is how I’m feeling. We’ll have to take it as it comes and make decisions as the problems arise.”