Khabib: I’m going to make Conor humble again, or bye bye

UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov appeared recently on the Real Quick With Mike Swick Podcast, ahead of his fight vs. interim champ Justin Gaethje in the main event of UFC 254 on Saturday night. With a win, a rematch vs. Conor McGregor could be in the future.

Nurmagomedov took a hard pass on appearing on TUF as opposing coaches. And Khabib’s manager Ali Abdelaziz has long said the sole way the two could fight is on the streets. But the position is softening. Nurmagomedov’s AKA teammate former champ champ Daniel Cormier recently advocated for it on ESPN.

“Before, I thought, sure, say you don’t want to fight him, but then go beat the guy,” said DC. “I think you should, because you already won, you make a ton of money, it makes sense. But I just don’t know if he’s going to do it. He wants to focus on Justin Gaethje, and it’s just a lot.”

McGregor is tentatively rematching Duston Poirer on January 23, although no contract has been signed. McGregor had demanded that the fight take place in 2020, but was denied by Dana White. “The Eagle” is setting up some requirements too.

“If he beats [Poirier] at 155, it makes sense,” said Nurmagomedov. “But if they fight at 170, how can you fight at 170 and next fight you can fight at 155? They want to make everything easy. It you want to take the easy way, you never deserve the next title shot.”

“Remember, before I fought him, I told him, ‘I’m going to make you humble, and I’m going to put you in line.’ Now, after two years, people understand my word. I’m going to put him in line, and I’m going to make the decision. If he fights 170, bye-bye.”

h/t Steven Marrocco for MMA Fighting

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