Matt Riddle reacts to his 11-year old record being broken

For eleven years, the UFC record for most strikes landed on the ground during a three round fight was 251. That was set by Matt Riddle, vs. Steve Bruno, at UFC Fight Night 17: Lauzon vs. Stephens on February 7, 2009.

At UFC on ESPN+ 38 on Saturday night, the record was broken by Jun Yong Park, who landed 258 ground strikes on John Phillips. This is Riddle’s reaction to his record being broken.

Riddle was a top high school wrestler in New York, winning states in 2004. Along the way, he pinned a young Jon Jones. He entered The Ultimate Fighter Reality show with a 1-0 record, and in his very first fight scored the most devastating KO in TUF history, breaking Dan Simmler’s jaw in two places.

Riddle left the UFC having won four fights in a row. Unfortunately, for two of those fights, he tested positive for the well known performance-enhancing drug Demon Weed, and the wins were changed to a No Contest.

He was released, on bad terms, and fought for Titan FC, earning a quick submission win on February 28, 2014. Then Bellator MMA bought out his contract, but released him without a fight, after Riddle suffering a rib injury and then withdrew from a second scheduled fight in a disagreement over timing.

“I’m retiring from MMA today cracked my rib and can’t fight sept 20,” said Riddle via Facebook. “Bellator said they can’t find me a fight till the next tournament and I can’t afford not fighting that long and need a job, sorry if I let anyone down but it isn’t paying the bills.”

Since then Riddle found his true calling in professional wrestling, where is not burdened by tests for cannabis.

“It makes me happy,” he said of consuming cannabis. “Honestly, it probably keeps me from beating my three kids because they’re always screaming and crying at me and my wife’s crazy and you know what life’s like.”

Riddle’s wrestling name is “The King of Bros,” bestowed after an interaction with William Regal. He has a signature finishing hold – The Bromission (you might know it as a Twister).

In October, Riddle was drafted from the WWE’s SmackDown brand to WWE Raw. He seems happy.

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