NAC scandal: Trevin Jones heroic win changed to No Contest

Trevin Jones got a call on Wednesday, August 19, offering him a shot in the big show, vs. Timur Valiev, as the opening fight at UFC on ESPN 15 on August 22. Weigh-ins were on Friday. Jones cut 17 pounds in 36 hours to make the agreed-to catchweight of 140, missing it on the first try.

He faced the longest odds on the entire card. And in Round 1, the oddsmakers looked right – Jones withstood a hellacious beating. But in Round 2, “5 Star” bounced backed and stopped Valiev, winning a $50,000 performance bonus in the process.

It’s a heroic story.

However, the Nevada Athletic Commission tested Jones for the well-known performance-enhancing drug demon weed, and has changed the bout outcome to a No Contest. In addition, Jones has been suspended for ten weeks, and fined $1,800. He will also have to pay a prosecution fee of $145.36, as a condition for re-licensing by the NAC.

This is a travesty. No one knows the effects of dehydration of cannabis levels. Further, Cannabis is legal recreationally in Jones’ home of Guam, and in Nevada. The NAC is doing a gross disservice to the sport, and to rational thought, in overturning this so-very-hard-earned win, taken on short notice. 

Fighters are allowed to ingest cannabis. Fighters sometimes have to take short-notice fights. No one is trying to break the rules and fight high. There is no ill intent here, or ill result. What the NAC is doing in regards to cannabis is shameful. There is a scandal here, but it’s not the fighter, it’s the regulators.

Other MMA fighters that faced sanction at the NAC meeting on Wednesday include:
•UFC light heavyweight Jorge Gonzalez was suspended 24 months, paralleling a previously accepted U.S. Anti-Doping Agency sanction.
•Four Dana White’s Contender Series, Season 4 competitors who, incidentally, lost their bouts, had hearings delayed until a further date: Chad Johnson (amphetamine), Joe Pyfer (modulator metabolites), Jose Flores (marijuana), and Ty Flores (methylclostebol).

h/t Nolan King for MMA Junkie