WATCH: Karate referee KO’s angry competitor with kick and stomp

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Credit: YouTube

Some referees take their jobs as undisputed warden’s of rules and regulations very seriously. And one ref at a regional karate tournament showed that rule-breaking under his watch could have some absurdly harsh consequences.

The competition at this Karate tournament, shown in the video posted to YouTube in 2008, is fierce. The rules are more or less that of controlled sparring and the level of aggression allowed is left to the discretion of the referee.

At the precipice of the match, the combatant in the white is perturbed by his opponent and throws a dirty punch after the action is called to a halt. Understandably, his adversary does not take kindly to the attempted cheap shot and looks to exact some revenge. Even as his foe attempts to walk away and restart the matchup.

Karate referee KO’s tournament competitor

The logical thing to do as a responsible ref controlling the match would be to warn the two competitors of their unsportsmanlike conduct and resume the competition. The referee here, however, clearly has a different code of enforcement when it comes to regulating a match. And his system of penalties is not based on strong language and threats.

The referee rolls up to the competitor looking to retaliate and scores with looks like a nerve hold that quickly sends the competitor crashing to the ground. However, he didn’t stop there. Like something out of PRIDE FC or ONE Championship’s global ruleset, the ref lands a soccer kick to the downed martial artist and then hits a stomp like he was Seth-Freakin-Rollins (for my WWE fans out there) for good measure.

Surprisingly, there isn’t anyone that goes after the ref for his uncalled-for actions. The bout and the tournament come to a halt as the competitor in black looks to be out cold and needs some medical attention.

In the US, something like this would surely be national news in this day and age. But in the previous decade, and in different parts of the world, it was just a weekend at a local Karate tournament.

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