WATCH: ‘Empty Force’ martial arts seminar teacher fails miserably with skeptical participants

seminar teacher, empty force defines the martial arts technique of Empty Force as “the expression of force without making physical contact.”

This technique claims to harness the power of qi, the “body’s vital energy”, enabling masters of the art to defend themselves against opponents without making physical contact.

However, “Some proponents of martial arts are skeptical about demonstrations of empty force and dismiss them as tricks.”

‘Empty Force’ seminar teacher has several epic fail moments

Recently a Finnish empty-force master, Jukka Lampila, gave a demonstration in Barcelona. So some skeptics decided to put his claims to the test. Empty force seems to work brilliantly as a method of self-defense, as long as your attackers believe in it so. Otherwise, you’re in trouble.

Lampila claims mastery of the Empty Force. A mysterious power that can control an attacker and requires no physical prowess or martial proficiency. He believes that he can incapacitate people with what is known as an empty force emitted from his heart. By opening his heart, he can stop an attacker in his tracks without even touching him. Well, it appears that empty force only works on people that believe it.

In the embedded video above, Lampila fails over and over to move non-believer participants not feeling the power of his heart. The sorry situation is akin to a famous religious healer attempting to cure the ills of a bunch of city-dwelling aetheists.

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