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The scariest man in mixed martial arts history: Part 2

Aleksander Emelianenko has battles in and outside the arena.
Aleks wants to bet a finger with Kharitonov on Hep C test

Aleks listening to his favorite comedian.

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In the beginning, Aleksander Emelianenko was a world-class MMA fighter, three-time world Combat Sambo champion, younger brother of MMA heavyweight GOAT Fedor Emelianenko, and the scariest man on the planet.

Aleks's Finger Bet

In 2011, Fedor lost to Dan Henderson, and Aleks had very harsh words for his brother's trainers, blaming them for the L, and calling the group incompetent amoebas. Next noted Russian fighter Sergei Kharitonov responded by calling Aleks a homeless drunk, and referenced a failed Hep C test.

Hep C is rampant in Russian prisons, a place Aleks is reportedly no stranger to, although he has denied it.

Then Aleks responded to Sergei, in an interview with the Russian language, and offered to bet a finger with Kharitonov over Hep C.

Kharitonov lied. Everything he says in his interview is stupid nonsense. Maybe he over partied at gay parades in Amsterdam and lost his head.

Lets start from Hep C. I'm offering Kharitonov next. I'm ready to take the blood test for Hep C in front of any media and internet resources. If the results are negative he should cut his own finger. If the results will turn out positive I will cut my own finger. Thats for the whole world to know who is the f*** face. Thats what I'm offering to him concerning his claims. If he refuses this bet then the world will know who's lying anyway.

What else does he need? A clown hat. He screams everywhere that he's a paratrooper. But in truth he's just an army office rat, who has never seen any action. When he came to fight the whole paratrooper image including the right song was my idea. If he's a real paratrooper he should act as one.

In December of 2012, Aleks caused a disturbance on a plane, in his native Russia.

"During the flight, the renowned athlete caused a breach of public order," reported the Russian language site RSport. "He spoke loudly, molested passengers, provoked them into fights, did not react to remarks from the cabin crew, demanded liquor, used foul language, smoked in the airplane."

Emelianenko pled guilty and received a fine of 700 rubles, or about $23.

Shortly after the MMA's scariest man on a plane incident, he was released by M-1 Global.

"Alexander constantly violated the terms of contact, we canceled," said Vadim Finklestein. "Now he is a free agent, he has his own way. Neither I, Fedor, nor M-1 is responsible for his actions."

And shortly after that, he retired.

Retirement did not bring peace and amity to the world, or retirement, as detailed in The Scariest Man in MMA, Part 3.

And here's another highlight video of Aleks smashing people:

The Scariest Man in MMA, Part 3