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Muay Thai legend in backyard brawl vs. much larger street fighter

When you think of bare knuckle backyard street fights in Miami, most people think of Kimbo Slice; they don't think of this Muay Thai legends.

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When you think of bare-knuckle backyard street fighters, most people think of Kimbo Slice or maybe even his one-time opponent Dada 5000.

Even more impressive are fighters like Jorge Masvidal and Alex “Bruce Leroy” Caceres who began their fighting careers in these underground backyard street fights and now have a fairly successful career in the UFC.

But it’s not only MMA fighters who have ventured into these backyard fights. A Muay Thai legend by the name of Chutiphat Rungsawang tried it out a few years ago.

Rungsawang is also known as Chanchai Sitsapahan was Sutherland Champion in Thailand and has competed at the highest levels at the Rajdamnoen and Lumpinee stadiums.

Additionally, he has also competed on an international level and now is a trainer of countless Muay Thai and MMA fighters. Known as Master Cha, he has become a significant figure in spreading Muay Thai around the world.

But that doesn’t mean that Master Cha doesn’t like to have fun every now and then.

At an older age, with a busted knee, and drunk – Cha was found fooling around at a local backyard fight in Miami, Florida. As you can see in the video, the master was in a fairly alleviated mood...

He was peppering his opponent with leg kicks over and over while clowning around. His opponent thought didn’t back down and was trying his best to out punch and knock out the master. Eventually, the clowning around caught up with the Thai legend and he was clipped with an incredibly hard hook that put him on wobbly legs.

Soon after, Cha decided to take off his shoes and pick up the pace. He even threw a punch when all he was doing before was throwing leg kicks. Near the end, Cha lands a devastating high roundhouse kick that drops the tough backyard street fighter.

The lesson is, even if you’re a legend, keep your hands up.

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