Bobby Green, Gillian Robertson statements on being off UFC 258

On Friday, UFC lightweight Bobby Green made weight for his fight vs. Jim Miller at UFC 258, and then collapsed; the fight was canceled. On Saturday afternoon, women’s flyweight Gillian Robertson got sick with a non-COVID-19 malady, and her fight vs. Miranda Maverick was canceled.

Both have released statements.

“There are three hills I have to get over in fighting,” wrote Green on Instagram. “1 giving blood I hate needles. 2 plans I hate heights. 3 the weight cut I was so close. … So to be clear I have air pockets in my lungs I guess and my kidneys failed I messed my back up in training I thought it was just pain from that. … Thanks for all the wonderful things you guys said. It’s crazy how [you] can get a lot of love but not the love [you] want if that makes any sense lol.”

Robertson too posted a message on her social network.

“Heartbroken is the only way to describe it.” she wrote. “After a great camp and an easy weight cut, I unfortunately woke up this morning at 4 am vomiting and my condition has yet to improve. So for the first time in my career, my team has decided it would be best to pull myself from this fight. My greatest apologies to Miranda, I know how much you put into this and it would be an honor to share the Octagon with you in the future. I’m sorry to everyone I’m letting down, My team, my fans, and the UFC I wish I could have performed for you tonight.”

It is no accident that the two took ill around the weigh-ins, The process is bad for the human body, and requiring athletes to do so shortly before a tremendously physically challenging endeavor is not rational.

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