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Concussion and CTE posters for gyms now available

Fighting Foundation and the Association of Ringside Physician team up to create concussion and CTE posters for gyms!

The charitable organization Fighting Foundation, alongside the Association of Ringside Physicians, have teamed up to create medically sound, easy to understand, and vitally important posters for the combat sports community, educating the public about concussion and CTE.

These are free for anyone to use. Tailored to combat sports, these should be hanging in every gym.

Traumatic brain injury is probably the biggest occupational hazard in combat sports. Understanding the basics is a vital step to informed participation in sport.

Thank you Rose Gracie, Carla Duran, Dr. John Neidecker, Dr. Andrea Hill, Dr. Louis Durkin, and everyone else who collaborated to make this a reality.


Link to JPG suitable for printing.


Link to PDF suitable for printing.

There is much more come!