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IMMAF launches Asian MMA Federation

Bahrain MMA Federation president Mohammad Qambar appointed as president to help facilitate development of sport in the Asian region.

LONDON – This past Sunday, the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation's Asian federations met to create an Asia MMA Federation (AMMAF, with five regions) to facilitate IMMAF's process of developing the sport in the region in its ongoing pursuit for Global Association of International Sports Federations/Olympic recognition. The new proposed continental structure was unanimously endorsed by the Asia members present. The same development will be rolled out to all other continental regions globally.

With Bahrain MMA Federation President Mohammad Qambar appointed as President, the interim AMMAF board will consist of directors from the five regions in shared roles.

The interim board will be supported by the IMMAF board's Asian representative, Wissam Abi Nader, whose duty is to help them prepare for an elective AMMAF General Assembly to take place within 12 months. The statutes of AMMAF will also be presented for approval at this meeting. 

Appointed AMMAF President Mohammad Qambar (BAH) said:

"I would like to thank IMMAF President Kerrith Brown and IMMAF's Asian members for placing their trust in me. I thank H.H Sheikh Khalid Bin Hamad for his vision that has set Bahrain among the leading countries in the world for MMA, fostering trust from other Asian nations for Bahrain to lead on establishing IMMAF Asia to further the development of MMA globally."

IMMAF Director for Asia, Wissam Abi Nader (LBN) said:

"I believe that Asia has the greatest potential, as is well proven by the medals results of our Asian nations and their energetic development of the sport regionally and globally. Creation of an Asian federation by our members was inevitable at some point, and I believe by uniting they can take the sport to another level in Asia and the world. This is a historical event as a first MMA federation for Asia has been formed under the only legitimate international governing body in the world for MMA."

IMMAF President Brown said:

"IMMAF's Asian members have contributed greatly to the development of IMMAF and MMA globally over the past 10 years. This has helped IMMAF establish itself as the only legitimate international governing body for MMA that is recognized by WADA, with half its members recognized by their National Olympic Committee or Sport Authority and its athlete development pathway recognized by the world's top-tier promoters. Through mutual collaboration and leveraging of resources, our Asian federations will undoubtedly accelerate continued growth across the continent."