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Joe Rogan notes the incredible difficulty of retiring from fighting

Joe Rogan notes the incredible difficulty of retiring from fighting

Fighters transitioning into post career life

From: Joe Rogan

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One of the things I think about sometimes with all the great fighters that I've seen come and go is just how difficult it must be for some of them to leave behind the incredible excitement and intensity of the world of being a professional fighter and then reset your life and find yourself something else to dedicate your time and interest to.

Fighting is such and all-encompassing job. It really has to be, especially at the highest levels for you to be successful. The competition is so steep that to compete at the top of the sport of MMA you really need to be completely dedicated to training and improving all day every day.

When it's time to move past that and into a new phase of life I would think that for some it must be incredibly difficult.

And that's not even taking into consideration how difficult it is for some of these ultra competitive guys to know when it's time to step away. 

What got many of them to be successful at fighting is an incredible belief in themselves that defied the odds and the doubters. In their mind often only they know what they're capable of, and in the long run they've often proven people wrong many times on the way to being a professional. It must be very difficult to judge exactly when you want to end your career.

One of the many things I love that the UFC does is they use a lot of fighters as commentators, they've got Chuck Liddell an awesome position in the company - they help these guys have options. I really enjoy watching guys step away from competing and become great coaches as well. All in all, a fighter stepping away from the sport must be a tough decision for some. 

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