Matt Serra’s sage advice for Megan Anderson

UFC Hall of Famer Matt Serra spoke recently with MMA Junkie‘s John Morgan, and offered some sage advice for Megan Anderson ahead of her longshot fight vs. Amanda Nunes at UFC 259. Anderson faces +700 odds on Saturday. However, at UFC 69 on April 7, 2007, Franco “Francombat” Richard bet $37,000 on Matt Serra vs. Georges St-Pierre at +700, and won $259,000, the highest payout in UFC history at the time. So Serra is the guy to go to for odds-beating advice.

“At the end of the day, it’s a fight,” said Serra, as transcribed by Farah Hannoun. “The critics, the naysayers, the people that think you’re gonna get destroyed, there’s only one other person locked in there with you, so you could control your own fate. My mentality with Georges in a similar situation, I did not know I was gonna beat him 100 percent, but I know it was a him-or-me scenario for myself. I was gonna say it’s either him or me. It’s either me or him, one of us is going out because that was my school of thought.

“The reason why I really went in with that attitude is I saw Jeff Monson fight Tim Sylvia in the worst main event in UFC history. If you can’t sleep at night, throw in Jeff Monson vs. Tim Sylvia, and that’ll work better than NyQuil. So I remember seeing that, and he was shooting in from across the cage and going to his back, and I’m like, I can actually do that and survive vs. Georges. First of all, it’s disgusting, and second of all, I just need one shot at this thing. It’s do or die, you control your own fate, f*** everybody.”

UG, how do you like Anderson’s odds, and what advice would you give her?

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