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Amir Albazi wants to retire Tim Elliott: 'I'm coming here to f-ck him up'

What started as just an opportunity to book a meaningful fight with Tim Elliott has turned into a full-fledged grudge match for UFC flyweight Amir Albazi.

Amir Albazi has made it clear he's not a fan of fellow UFC flyweight Tim Elliott, but what started as perhaps just an attempt at getting a fight booked has now turned into something very personal for "The Prince."

"It was just an opportunity to make a fight, but now after how much this guy talks, yeah, it's personal," Albazi told The Underground. "I'm coming here to, you know, excuse my language, but I'm coming here to f-ck him up. That's exactly what I'm going to come and do. You know, I want to retire his ass.

"After I beat him, I don't want him to ever fight again. He's going to think about everything he's been saying. That's how I see it."

Albazi took to Twitter to call for a fight with Elliott after the veteran contender admitted to knowingly grabbing Tagir Ulanbekov's glove in their UFC 272 clash. 

"We're fighting," Elliott said following his decision win. "I'm grabbing everything I can. The glove is part of the hand. His hand is inside the glove. I'm trying to grab his hand, so the glove is there. You're not going to not grab the glove."

That didn't sit well with Albazi, and he's since made his feelings known.

"I don't like cheaters like him," Elliott said. "You know, people who cheat like that, grabbing a glove, and he knew why he was doing it. I get it – if it's by accident, you know, you're in a fight, in the heat of the moment you grab something. I get it. But on several occasions? You're trying to cheat your way to a win. I don't respect that at all."

Elliott responded to the online attacks and said Albazi backed out of a previously planned fight between them. Albazi insists he was recovering from injury at the time and takes issue with Elliott's claims and said that motivated him even more.

"After his last fight, he was also getting out with even more lies, saying I didn't take a fight against him while I was like still injured and not ready for a fight," Albazi said. "He kept talking sh-t and kept like, saying stuff, so I'm thinking I'm just here to call his bluff, to be honest with you. 

"I think he he just talks a big talk on Twitter and all of that, so I just called his bluff. Let's go. Let's do it. You know, I'm here to take over the whole division, so you are just one stepping stone in my way. You know, that's how I see it."

Albazi (14-1 MMA, 2-0 UFC) and Elliott (18-12-1 MMA, 7-10 UFC) are now slated to meet at a UFC Fight Night event on June 25, though an official location for the card has yet to be revealed. It's a meaningful fight in the flyweight division, with Elliott at No. 11 in the UFC's official flyweight rankings, and Albazi at No. 13.

Elliott has a notoriously awkward style that is quite unique, but Albazi said he's not concerned about finding someone to mimic the style as he prepares for the matchup.

"I'm not trying to replicate anything like him," Albazi said. "He's good. He's been in there with the best, but I know I'm better than him, and I know I can beat him in every area. Wherever you want to take the fight to, I'm going to beat him, so for me, it doesn't matter about getting someone that can replicates his style, you know? I just need to focus on what I need to do, and I know I can beat this guy."

So it seems the table is set for a grudge match, at least on one side of the cage. Albazi is clearly taking this personally, and he's not willing to guarantee he'll wait until June 25 under the right circumstances, should the two cross paths at the UFC Performance Institute anytime between now and then.

"On Twitter, he likes to talk a lot of stuff and think it's OK," Albazi said. "You know, like when he found me at the PI, he didn't even have eye contact with me. I tried to look him right in the eyes. He wouldn't even look at me. He wouldn't say anything. Then after the fight, you try to be this tough guy. That doesn't work with me. I'm not like that. 

"You better watch out next time he's in the PI. I'm going to be there. I'm there all the time. I live now in Vegas full-times, so whenever you want to come and say hi, I'm going to be here."