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Heated argument turns into martial arts lesson FAST

One of the craziest street fights we have ever seen, starring not Jeff Goldblum

This article is just one part of an MMA UnderGround project to understand what martial arts really work, not by watching competitions in the arena, but by studying what happens on the streets. If you enjoyed this article, check out more on:
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Sometimes it's just better to keep your mouth closed. Especially when you're locally known for saying rude things about women and other races. That's what led to this particular argument and eventual fight.

According to the information available, this took place near or in Richmond, VA, and started because the shirtless guy "said something about hog-tying a woman up while she walked by". The taller guy heard him say that and called him out on it. The shirtless guy then started yelling at the taller guy "calling him every racial slur"... This is where the argument started and quickly escalated.

Eventually, the shirtless dude came back for round 2 with a 2x4, and the cops were called. The shirtless ended up with a few broken ribs and a broken nose. The taller guy got a fractured arm from the baseball bat. 

Video Link

Contrary to rumor, that was NOT Jeff Goldblum.

Video credit goes to @fallenleo on Twitter.