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Paddy Doherty, notorious Irish Traveller bare-knuckle boxer, in bloody street fight

Notorious Irish Traveller bare-knuckle boxer Paddy Doherty in bout on the streets of Manchester, England.

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Patrick ‘Paddy’ Doherty is an Irish Traveller and highly recognized bare-knuckle boxer. In this video, he is captured engaging in a brutal street brawl outside a PC World in Manchester against his cousin, Johnny Joyce, who is about half his age. Joyce took a page from Mike Tyson when he sunk his teeth into Paddy during the altercation— tearing off a big chunk of his ear, which would later have to be reattached with surgery.

Notorious Gypsy bare-knuckle boxer, Paddy Doherty, challenged in bloody street fight

Notorious Gypsy bare-knuckle boxer, Paddy Doherty, challenged in bloody street fight

The intense brawl held up rush hour traffic in the streets of Manchester and was sparked by an incident at a recent family funeral and fueled by a deep-seated feud between the two Gypsy families.

Paddy has claimed that the gypsy community shunned him over his celebrity status after he appeared on numerous television shows and won Celebrity Big Brother 8. Joyce's brother, Dougie Joyce, is the one who recorded the fight and is overheard encouraging his brother to lay it on Paddy: “Come on you dirty Doherty bast**d. Give it to him Johnny, go on Johnny, give it to him. Give it to the dirty tramp. Go on. Flatten that dirty tramp.”

In the aftermath of the altercation, Paddy came out bloodied and battered. Joyce was jailed for 15 months because of his extensive criminal history, and Paddy received a suspended jail term of 51 weeks, while Joyce’s brother Dougie was given 150 hours of community service and a fine for his involvement in the street spectacle.


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