US Marine teaches pimp a strong and vicious lesson in respect

US Marine teaches pimp a strong and vicious lesson in respect

In this video, ex-Marine and Karate master Jay Lee confronts a pimp that was assaulting one of his girls and teaches him a hard lesson in respect.

The incident is described by the host of the show: “On the streets of Houston, a pimp is furious. He doesn’t like the fact that this man has told him to stop hitting one of his girls. The hooker in hot pants tries to force her boss back into the cab before things get ugly. But it’s too late. Her employer is literally tearing his clothes off to get a piece of the other guy. But what he doesn’t know is that the man he is attacking is Jay Lee, an award-winning karate expert. The only thing the pimp hits is the pavement. Minutes earlier while making a training video for the local police, Jay Lee went outside to stop the fight, but when the pimp attacks, Jay’s black belt reflexes take over. All Jay can do is shrug at the camera. It was a perfect demonstration of the techniques he teaches. The cabbie and the hooker rush to help the fallen pimp, but even when they get him to his feet, he isn’t able to walk anywhere. The pimp gets up and tries to act tough, but it’s hard to look mean on wobbly legs.”

About Jay Lee Martial Arts

“This program is designed to teach children self-defense and the importance of education. By having the children bring in their report cards each semester, we can work together to keep their grades up. Additionally, a large emphasis is on the children respecting themselves, parents, teachers, law enforcement and peers. I believe that this program will ensure that my students are respectful, disciplined, educated, healthy and will have an understanding of their purpose in life and to constantly strive for a better life for themselves. I love my children.”