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WATCH: Wing Chun vs Taekwondo street fight devolves into palm striking melee

teachers agree to street fight to see whose Kung Fu is stronger
wing chun, taekwondo, street fight

Two traditional martial arts practitioners went from honorable combatants, two down and dirty street fighters in seconds.

The fight in the embedded video below is believed to be a street fight between a Taekwondo black belt [in the orange shirt] and a Wing Chun [white jacket] expert. With the goal being to decide once and for all which martial arts school in the neighborhood was better.

Wing Chun battles Taekwondo in a wild street fight

[brid video="715774" player="25478" title="Taekwondo%20black%20belt%20and%20Wing%20Chun%20sifu%20fight%20in%20the%20street%20to%20see%20whose%20school%20is%20better" duration="65" description="The fight wasn't finished with Karate or Wing Chun techniques, though…" uploaddate="2021-02-06 09:13:16" thumbnailurl="" contenturl=""]

In short, Wing Chun is a Chinese martial art based on close-quarters combat using punches and kicks, mixed with a tight defense. Taekwondo in comparison is a Korean fight art that has a strong emphasis on various powerful kicks.

Early on in this fight, both men looked to employ the tenets of their respective arts with orange shirt attempting to score with a couple of kicks, and his opponent trying to close the distance and land with some short strikes. However, being a street fight, and not a tournament bout at the local civic center, the matchup quickly devolves into an all-out brawl of punches and palm strikes. With both looking to hit a fight-ending shot and putting up little defense.

Eventually, the battle turns into a grappling match and white jacket looks to take the fight to the ground with a trip, and he succeeds. When the battle goes vertical, orange jacket becomes a fish out of water and gets worked over with palm strike ground-and-pound that forces his friends to play Herb Dean and jump in to end the fight.

Martial arts are great as spectator sports and a good way to get fit, but they can go primal just like any other fistic mayhem when it comes time to battle on the streets.

The point goes to Wing Chun in this battle of centuries-old martial arts.