5 UFC fighters who got their teeth knocked out

Somebody call the dentist!

Even though mouth guards usually do a terrific job of keeping your pearly whites intact, accidents do occasionally happen which is why it is no surprise that several UFC fighters have gotten their teeth knocked out during their fights.

In this video from MMA YouTube channel ‘MMA Release,’ we see 5 such cases of fighters getting their teeth knocked out during fights despite mouth guards being mandatory.

Even though all fighters must wear mouth guards, there is always a chance of it falling out which we’ve seen plenty of times in fights. The referee has to wait for a lull in the action before stepping in to put it back in as otherwise, fighters could just spit out their mouth guards every time a fight isn’t going their way or if they need a quick break.

Who could forget during the epic Michael Bisping vs Anderson Silva fight where Bisping’s mouth guard came out and he made the mistake of looking to the referee to stop the action instead of worrying about defending himself and he ate a brutal flying knee because of it. He ended up still winning the fight in an impressive manner but still, a veteran like Bisping should have known better.

Luckily for Bisping, his teeth managed to stay intact but the same can’t be said for the unfortunate fighters in the video below. One of the most iconic losses of teeth involves the legendary Randy Couture in his bout at UFC 129 in Toronto where opponent Lyoto Machida crane kicked him ala Daniel-san, not only knocking him out with it but also sending one of poor Randy’s teeth flying out of his mouth as well as ending his career.

Check out the video below to find out the other 4 times UFC fighters got their teeth knocked out.

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