Conor McGregor’s next fight: Everything you need to know

Conor McGregor is the biggest Ultimate Fighting Championship star alive, and when he steps into the Octagon it’s always an anticipated combat sports event. Conor McGregor’s next fight is yet to be scheduled, but a return in Summer 2022, for Machine Gun Kelly’s new favorite fight, is expected.

Who will Conor McGregor fight next?

When the “Notorious” one does make his return in 2022, three names stand above the rest as perfect matchups for the Irishman. Those three men that should cash in on the McGregor money-fight lottery ticket are Dan Hooker, Tony Ferguson, and Max Holloway.

  • The Hangman’s Tale: Hooker would be a sensible option in that he offers the Irishman a top-10 foe, a fighter willing to throwdown, and [no disrespect to the Aussie] a winnable fight. And McGregor needs a win bad right now.
  • FeRg iS tHe WoRd: Ferguson is another former division champion who while not as relevant as he once was, is still a viable name deserving of a big cash-in and is less of the killer-type McGregor has faced recently.
  • Max-a-million: Holloway vs McGregor would be a clash of two of the best featherweights of all-time at lightweight, and also a rematch of their 2013 matchup, won by the former two-division champion. 

UFC 264 Recap: Conor McGregor vs Dustin Poirier

The trilogy fight in the years-long saga that is McGregor vs Poirier was a nightmarish moment for the Irish superstar. Not only did the notoriously (see what I did there?) fast starter have a rough first round that two judges scored a 10-8 for the American, but McGregor broke his left leg in a failed attempt to bounce back from a January loss to “The Diamond.”

What happened: In a matter of five minutes, McGregor went from a man on a mission looking to reclaim his glory to a fighter stuck on his butt and getting asked questions on how it all went wrong by UFC broadcast analyst Joe Rogan. McGregor has suffered a few losses in his career, but this was by far the most difficult to swallow.

The fallout: Following the bout, McGregor had surgery on his damaged limb, which included a steel rod being inserted into his broken fibula. He is expected to recover for several weeks in the US before an eventual return to Ireland.

The roadmap: As far as a return to the Octagon, spring or summer 2022 is the likely next time we see the 33-year-old grace the Octagon.

What makes Conor McGregor so popular?

A transcendent talent: McGregors has become a transcendent MMA star because of his ability to talk an absurd amount of trash, and back it up in the cage to the tune of an 86% knockout rate. Plus. he has “it” factor oozing out of his ears and is often the coolest guy in whatever room he’s in.

  • His “it” factor is so palpable it deserves its own entourage. He is the type of transcendent talent that rarely comes along in any sport, and MMA found theirs from the green isle of Ireland.
  • For a long stretch — from 2011 to ’16 to be exact — he won a lot more than he lost, and everyone loves a winner. But since then, McGregor has had a rough spell in losing four of his last five (including against Mayweather in boxing).
  • McGregor is a walking news story wherever he goes. The latest evidence came at this year’s MTV VMA’s, when the MMA star tried to slap around rapper Machine Gun Kelly
  • However, his appeal is likely unchanged, because as much as people love a winner, they also gravitate to a former great trying to rebuild himself, and give fans another taste of those epic performances they’ve been missing.

Conor McGregor net worth

The measure of a fighter is often down to the money they’ve made throughout their career. Conor McGregor’s net worth is estimated to be range between US $200 to $400 million.

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