WATCH: Darren Elkins comeback to pummel and stop Minner at UFC Vegas 32

darren elkins
Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Darren Elkins weathered a difficult first round to beat up and finish Darrick Minner in the second round at UFC Vegas 32.

However, in the second round–like previous fights that included the Indiana native–Minner seemed to tire himself out after grappling with Elkins and from the failed submission attempts. With his opponent weakening, Elkins pushed the incredible pace he is known for and started to outwork Minner. Elkins was even able to get his opponent stuck in a crucifix position on two occasions.

Darren Elkins battles back from rough first round to end four-fight skid at UFC Vegas 32

This fight went like many Elkins fights go. “The Damage” seemed outmatched and out-skilled as Minner outwrestled him for much of the first round. Minner also locked in a few submissions that looked like they might end the fight. Including an armbar that the 37-year-old somehow survived.

With a minute and a half left in the round, Minner seemed totally gassed, from the work in the first round, and the beating he was taking in the second. Elkins started to pour it on and pounded away with unanswered shots on Minner from back control. The mauling had become too much for the referee to watch any further and he stopped the fight with 1:12 left in the second round.

The win for the veteran featherweight was a huge one as it ended a four-fight losing streak and got his place on the roster into better standing.

The loss ends the 31-year-old Minner’s two-fight win streak.

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