Exclusive: Jan Blachowicz plans ‘patient’ knockout of Glover Teixeira at UFC 266

Jan Blachowicz
Jul 6, 2019; Las Vegas, NV, USA; Jan Blachowicz (red gloves) after his win against Luke Rockhold (not pictured) at T-Mobile Arena. Mandatory Credit: Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Ultimate Fighting Championship light heavyweight king Jan Blachowicz is still months away from his September title defense at UFC 266. Although he hasn’t officially begun his training camp for opponent Glover Teixiera, he is well aware of his opponent’s unique attributes. Such as the Brazilians recent penchant to survive difficult moments in fights when his chin fails him. It’s why the wielder of “legendary polish power” says he will approach Teixeira with patience and find that right “moment” to finish the fight.

Jan Blachowicz talks unleashing patient polish power on Glover Teixeira

“His chin is a little bit not so good like a long time ago, but he can survive. People hit him, he goes to the ground and fighters try to finish him too early. He makes them tired and finishes the fight. I’m going to be patient like [Alexander] Gustafsson,” Blachowicz told MixedMartailArts.com. “He fought against him four rounds, then finished him. If I have to wait to the fourth of fifth rounds, no problem.”

“I will wait and finish the fight in the last round. I will not let emotion control me. I will control everything. I will control the ground, I will control the Octagon and I will control my emotions. If I hit him, and I see he is still in the game I will not put a lot of pressure on him. I will wait for a good moment and then I will finish the fight.”

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In a recent interview for AG Fight, Teixeira admitted that the plan for his second chance at UFC gold was to pressure his 38-year-old opponent and, “Get in, hit him, get out and take him down at the right time so we can work our ground game.” Blachowicz is all for that approach by Teixeira, since he likes counter striking anyway. A perfect scenario would be to stuff every takedown attempt from his 41-year-old challenger and make the fight a kickboxing match. However, if a ground battle did ensue, Blachowicz feels quite comfortable in matching Brazilian jiu-jitsu against “Polish jiu-jitsu.”

“If he put’s pressure on me, it’s okay. I like someone to put pressure on me because I’m a counter [striker] so he will take a lot of punches. If he tries to take me down I will defend his takedowns, but if he [gets] me down my jiu-jitsu is also really good. I’m not afraid of his jiu-jitsu. I know he has high-level jiu-jitsu [and is] one of the best in the world but Polish jiu-jitsu is also really good too.”

Jan Blachowicz on defying father time: ‘People say that the sky is the limit, but no, your mind is the limit’

This latest light heavyweight title bout features two of the oldest competitors in the division. Outside of heavyweight, seeing a UFC title fight contested by athletes near or over 40 years old is extremely unusual. Blachowicz concedes that if someone told him years ago his best version would come at age 37, he would have been “confused.” Yet, in his eleventh year as a prize-fighter he has become an example to fellow fighters that defying father time at an elite level is still possible outside the 265-pound weight class.

“Come on, 38-years-old? No, [I thought] I’m going to be retired already. But it’s real, it’s happened. I feel great, no injuries, still that fire inside me, still that motivation. This is my passion. For Glover also, and we’ve proven you can do it at this age. And also I’ve gotten a lot of messages from fighters [saying] I motivate them. It’s great for me to hear something like this. Age is only a number, it depends on how you feel. People say that the sky is the limit, but no, your mind is the limit. “

You can find our full exclusive interview with the UFC 205-pound champion below.

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