MMA knockout of the day: Mayhem in a Polish 5-on-5 cage fight

mma knockout
Credit: The War

MMA knockouts in a cage never get old, but that doesn’t mean the absurdity levels can’t be turned up a few notches. That is exactly what happened at a recent Polish combat sports event, where 10 men entered the cage to bludgeon each other in a five-on-five bare-knuckle brawl.

When it comes to the entertainment business, there is always someone out there looking to take the tried and true formats into new directions. Including some places that border on the ridiculous. Fight sports are no different because while an athletic competition at it’s core, if people aren’t entertained, then they aren’t watching.

Eastern Europe has become a very interesting place when it comes to obscure combat sports. Just in the last few years, they have embraced or outright created the fringiest of fringe fight sports. Be it intergender bouts, absurd open-weight clashes, slap fighting, underground bare-knuckle scraps, and now team fights.

MMA Knockout of the day: Five-on-five madness in Poland

And not just your average team battles ala Triad Combat from over the weekend. No, we are talking teams of fighters all fighting in the greatest presentation of caged chaos.

That is what we got recently at a Polish event called The War 3. A show that included an eight-man K1 tournament, a four-woman boxing tournament, a three-versus-three MMA bout, and a five-on-five bare-knuckle battle that you can see above.

The melee pitting Team Warriors versus Team Demons starts out like something you would see in a civil war flick, sans muskets. As each team lined up and stormed straight at the other. However, that quickly evolves into single scraps as each man finds a partner and looks to unleash hell on behalf of their team.

It takes less than a minute to find out the Demons, in their black biker shorts, are the stronger team. When one member of the Demons overwhelms his opponent, he sees fit to switch up and aid in a two-on-one fight. Leading to a Warrior member being completely put to sleep as his head is turned into a basketball on the mat. It’s tough to watch as the man playing Jason Kidd with his opponent’s cranium doesn’t stop until the referee jumps in.

Soon after, we get more two-on-one action and even some three-on-one mayhem before the Warriors have been incapacitated to the point where the action is called to a halt, and the Demons are awarded the victory.

You can call it strange, nonsensical, ultra-violent, or outright ridiculous, but chances are you maybe haven’t seen anything like it before.

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