Urijah Faber down for scrap with ‘POS’ TJ Dillashaw if the price is right

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Ultimate Fighting Championship Hall-of-Famer Urijah Faber is open a fight with former teammate TJ Dillashaw. But only if the price is right.

Dillashaw has been a big story over the last two weeks as he made a successful return to the Octagon Saturday at UFC Vegas 32, after two years away following a two-year suspension for using performance enhancers. Long before that was news, the story of his rivalry with his former teammates at Team Alpha Male has always been a narrative following his career. As well as the fractured friendship the former two-time bantamweight champion has with TAM boss Faber.

Urijah Faber open to TJ Dillashaw fight with a pay raise

The idea of a fight between Dillashaw, 35, and Faber, 42, has been suggested many times in the last few years. That notion was once again brought up in a conversation the former World Extreme Cagefighting champion had with Submission Radio. It’s a booking Faber is open to, but dealing with the past drama that will certainly be drudged up from such a fight would need a notable increase in pay to deal with.

“I always kind of avoided the idea of fighting him because I just didn’t like the dramatic part of it. We already have enough drama in our lives, then you have to rehash this, and drama that. Would it be an intriguing matchup and great storyline? Absolutely. I would only do that if it was a payday that also excited me,” Faber said.

“I make pretty good money, so I would do fights against guys in the top-15 as long as there’s a crowd there and it’s an exciting event for me. I came out of retirement as a 40th birthday present to myself and a financial raise. I had a plan for the money, went right into it, and tripled that money and then some. The only reason I would do a fight with TJ, in particular, would be because they would probably pay me more for that one. If they don’t I wouldn’t do it.”

In the interview, Faber explained that a return in 2020 was likely until the pandemic, and a lack of fans in attendance curtailed stepping back into the Octagon. His desire for action is certainly there, but his interest in matchups fueled by strained relationships isn’t a priority unless the numbers on the contract make it worth it. He believes the same goes for Dillashaw, because bringing up the “bones” of his past with Faber would not be an enjoyable experience.

“He’s probably the same way. He doesn’t want to fight me. He’s been working hard to try to keep his nose clean, tell his side of the story, or whatever the deal is of his cheating scenarios,” said Faber. “And he doesn’t need the grave digger bringing up the f*cking bones of the last 10 years of him being a creep and a POS. I don’t think it would be enticing for him on that front.”

Faber believes Dillashaw had championship talent from the start

The multi-time bantamweight title contender was asked by the Australian hosts if they believe Dillashaw could have still been a world champion if he had never used the PED’s Faber and other TAM alum have suggested Dillashaw has used. Faber feels his former pupil could have done so mainly because Dillashaw has always had the mental fortitude required to be a champion at the highest levels.

“I’ve never done any of that stuff, so I don’t know what the big difference is. But from what I understand, there’s big advantages. Now, I’m a guy that believes anything is possible, and I preach that to my guys, and I preached that to him when he was on our team. I believed he could have been a world champ from the get-go, and I told him that. I told Cody [Garbrandt] that, and I’ve told Song Yadong that,” said Faber.

“Could he have done it? Yea, there’s people all over the world that become the best in the world without cheating. Now, are the odds stacked in your favor if you’re being unfair and fill in the blanks of your natural gifts that you do not have? Obviously, that stacks things in your favor. But at the end of the day, the mind is the most empowering and important thing in a sport. Especially combat sports. The mentality side is a big thing, and TJ’s always had that.”

Faber’s last fight in the UFC was in a December 2019 knockout loss to eventual bantamweight champion Petr Yan. Before that, “The California Kid” had made a successful return from a three-year retirement when he beat Ricky Simon by knockout in June of the same year.

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